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Submitted by: zirkov   Date: 2009-02-03 10:32
Comments: (4)   Ratings:
1.   Posted by hyDEdy   2009-02-04 04:24  

i still dont understand what we must to do to join the SOTM..., give some example please

2.   Posted by zirkov   2009-02-04 17:32  

You can ask it at our forum

3.   Posted by hyDEdy   2009-02-06 16:59  

maksud-e opo zirk?? aku ga ngerti.....

4.   Posted by impleact   2012-10-29 22:36  

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XBOX 360, Wii, and all 2007 + PC Games)

The Rules of the SOTM:

1. Contestants are allowed to create, work on, and submit their entry from the start of the contest until two weeks from the start date. This period of time is specified by the organizer every month. Once the entry period expires, all submitted entries are gathered up and sent to the Voting Thread.

2.The thread is solely about helping contestants with entries, and as such these things will not be tolerated and will be handled using the great mod power ;) :
a. Nonconstructive and negative criticism (if you truly dislike something about an entry, be polite and helpful)

b. Inappropiate complaints about General SOTM affairs

c. Flaming, trolling, and other uncivil behavior that breaks Forum Rules

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